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We are proud to announce that we have relocated our offices to beautiful historic Haddonfield, New Jersey.  This larger facility will allow us room to grow as we concentrate our focus on our number one goal, which is to provide you, our customers with the the best customer service and tools, so that you can do your job easily, effectively and as accurately as possible.

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coVita |  Bedfont Scientific Partnership

coVita is a resource for tools used by treatment professionals, from a variety of disciplines.  Our current product offerings center around three categories – SMOKERLYZER breath monitoring devices used by treatment professionals to help smokers stop smoking, tobacco prevention education, wellness and benefits administration.  In addition, we specialize in TOXCO breath monitoring devices used by hospital emergency departments, fire, paramedic and EMS services to screen individuals for exposure to carbon monoxide – a deadly byproduct of combustion.  Additionally, we specialize in Gastrolyzer breath monitors for use by Gastroenterologists to screen, investigate, treat for various functional gastrointestinal issues.

We are proud to be a partner, authorized seller, and official US distributor of Bedfont Scientific's world renowned products.  Under the lBedont Scientific Logoeadership of Trevor Smith, its managing director, Bedfont Scientific has become a market leader in breath monitoring for medical applications.  Its Smokerlyzer range of carbon monoxide monitors is used by health professionals throughout the world and is recognized as the market leader in smoking cessation and research.

coVita Team

coVita is comprised of a team of individuals that bring a combined 31 years experience with Bedfont Scientific products.  Some of these individuals were from the former Bedfont Scientific USA. In addition, the coVita team brings expertise from a variety of different backgrounds including medical sales and marketing, healthcare, finance and business administration.  This combination of experience has allowed us to create a truly unique product services company with a customer service experience like no other.

Our Mission

Our goal is to achieve substantial growth with regard to the use of our products in the healthcare and emergency services settings and bring brand name recognition to our primary product line (coVita | Bedfont Smokerlyzers™, ToxCO™, Gastrolyzers™ products) manufactured by Bedfont Scientific, a U.K. company.  The people of coVita have an impressive reputation and an established history of managing the delivery of products and services to a U.S. customer base with an unparalleled focus on excellence – we have the quiet confidence to continue that mission uninterrupted.

- the coVita team