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NObreath® FeNO

The NObreath® has been a proven technology for over ten years of clinical use in studies worldwide.

The NObreath® is a FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) monitor which can be used to measure airway inflammation for the management and diagnosis of asthma.  The NObreath® makes FeNO monitoring, which is recommended by ATS, quick and easy plus it is completely non-invasive, with the ability to monitor airway inflammation in both adult and child patients.


FeNO Summary of Benefits

  • Non-invasive, quick, and easy to perform1
  • Shows patient’s response to treatment, enabling the correct prescription of medication and safer/monitored adjustments
  • Aids in identifying patients who do/do not require on-going treatment2
  • Shows patient compliance – Shown to be superior to the majority of conventional tests of lung function, such as peak flow recording and spirometry1
  • Aids in differentiating between allergic (eosinophillic) and non-allergic asthma3
1. Andrew D. Smith, Jan O. Cowan, Sue Filsell, Chris MacLachlan, Gabrielle Monti Sheehan, Pamela Jackson and D. Robin Taylor. Diagnosing Asthma: Comparisons between Exhaled Nitric Oxide Measurements and Conventional Tests. Am J Respir Crit Care Med Vol 169. pp 473-478, 2004.
2. D R Taylor, MW Pinenburg, A D Smith and J C D Jongste. Exhaled nitric oxide measurements: clinical application and interpretation. Thorax 2006;61:817-827.
3. Coumou HBel E. Improving the diagnosis of eosinophilic asthma [Internet]. Taylor and Francis online. 2017 [cited 15 March 2017]. Available from:
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