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Item #: NOBREATH-MP-50
Includes:  (1) Box of 50 NObreath® mouthpieces with Viral & Bacterial filtration

Features and Benefits:

● The NObreath® Mouthpieces with viral & bacterial infection control filters.  Single patient use per visit and can be used to repeat the test for the same patient in the same day visit.

Infection control filter: The NObreath® mouthpiece valve filters have been independently tested for prevention of cross infection. We are happy to announce based on this data Bedfont concluded that bacterial and viral pathogens including (COVID-19 / SARS-COV-2) will effectively be removed by the NObreath® filter at an efficiency rate of >98% (bacteria) and >96% (viruses).

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Product NObreath® Mouthpieces with Viral & Bacterial filtration
Compatible With NObreath® FENO Breath Monitor
Includes (1) Box of 50 mouthpieces
Features and Benefits ●  The NObreath® Mouthpiece has an infection control filter, which has been tested vigorously by Public Health England to prove it removes and trap >98% and >96% of airborne bacteria and viruses respectively1.
●  The NObreath® mouthpiece has been tested to filter viruses as small as 23 nanometres in diameter and the COVID-19 virus particle has an approximate diameter of approximately 125 nanometres2. Due to the risky nature of testing live respiratory viruses, a non-pathogenic virus model is used (M2-Coliphage). The filters undergo both bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) and viral filtration efficiency (VFE). The virus model is incredibly penetrable, even more so than a majority of human viruses, therefore makes it a very affective model to use for virus filtration efficiency (VFE) testing. The model virus is approximately 24-26 nanometres in size 1 in comparison to COVID-19 virus which is approximately 125 nanometres in size 2. Therefore, Bedfont® can conclude that bacterial and viral pathogens (including COVID-19) will effectively be removed by both the NOBreath® mouthpiece filter at an efficiency rate of >98% (Bacteria) and >96% (viruses).
●  Furthermore, when taking a FeNO measurement with the NObreath®, due to our uniquely designed NO scrubber and software algorithms, the patient does not inhale through the device or mouthpiece before exhaling, to reduce the risk of cross-infection.
1.Public Health England. An Evaluation of Filtration Efficiencies Against Bacterial and Viral Aerosol Challenges Report No. 18/040. London: Public Health England; 2019.
[Internet]. 2020 [cited 12 June 2020]. Available from:
Material Polypropylene
Infection Control Single-patient use –  mouthpieces can be used to repeat the test for the same patient in the same day visit up to 3 times
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