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Service Policy


Please speak with a coVita representative to discuss the problem you are experiencing prior to returning product.  Many problems can be resolved by phone at no cost to you.

Return Authorization Ticket Number (RA #)

This number is provided to customers prior to the return of product.  Products shipped to us without a Return Authorization Ticket Number may be refused at our in-take desk and returned to the customer to the customer at your own expense (depending on the carrier’s policy).

If you have received authorization to return product to us, you will be asked to provide the following information:

• Customer name

• Customer return address

• Order number and/or PO number

• Description of issue

Products Under Warranty

Product warranties cover service and repair with the exception of problems caused by operator error or abuse. Generally, clients are only responsible for shipping and handling of product.  Please refer to the warranty in the back of the instruction manual and speak with a coVita representative to discuss a particular warranty repair/service.

Products Not Covered by Warranty

If you return product to us that is not under warranty, the evaluation fee to examine your product is $65.00 per item.  If you are assessed an evaluation fee, we will waive that fee if you have us repair your product (at that time), if repair is an option. In addition to the evaluation fee, you are responsible for the shipping and handling cost to send your product back to you.

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