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The Smokerlyzer® has been utilized in thousands of studies over the last 30+ years as a tool to chemically validate abstinence. It has been the main FDA cleared biochemical validation measure in clinical trials used to bring smoking cessation pharmacotherapies, like the nicotine patch and other NRT products, to market and is used by every major research institution in the United States. The Smokerlyzer® has set the industry standard with a reliability matched by none.

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Tobacco Treatment

Helping people to stop smoking, one breath at a time.

Tobacco Treatment Specialists have relied on our Smokerlyzers® for over 30 years as a means to provide motivation to smokers to help them on their journey to stop smoking. Smokerlyzers® offer the smoker personalized biofeedback about their unique smoking habit, and years of research, as well as the clinical experience of those in the field treating smokers, has demonstrated the effectiveness of this powerful device in the smoking cessation toolkit.

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Use of the Smokerlyzers® in pregnancy has been one of our fastest growing segments. OB/GYN, midwives and healthcare professionals working with pregnant smokers, and those who have relapsed post partum, have utilized the Smokerlyzers® as a tool to monitor smoke-free rewards encourage abstinence. Our Micro+baby™ & Micro+pro™ Smokerlyzers® have unique features that give feedback that can educate expectant mothers on the dangers of smoking while pregnant, such as a feature to show the level of carbon monoxide the fetus is taking in with the ability of the Smokerlyzer® to show fetal CO readings.

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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapists were historically the medical professionals who tended to engage smokers most directly due to respiratory illnesses associated with smoking. They were some of the original end-users of our Smokerlyzers® and continue to be one of our largest segments of end-users. Like tobacco treatment professionals, the Smokerlyzer® is an essential tool in helping to provide motivation to smokers to help them stop smoking.

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Mental Health/Substance Abuse

Mental health and substance abuse represents our fastest growing segment, with Smokerlyzers® being utilized in mental health and substance abuse facilities in all 50 states. Mental health and substance abuse healthcare professionals have rapidly adopted the Smokerlyzer® as an essential tool in their work with smokers under their care. Mental health consumers in particular have enthusiastically embraced the biofeedback provided by the Smokerlyzers®, and, as with smokers in the general population, have relied on the feedback to inform their stop smoking efforts. Whether you are encouraging quit attempts or simply enforcing smoke-free policies at your facility, the Smokerlyzer® is a necessary device in your toolkit.

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There is plenty of evidence in the medical literature that smoking before and after surgery interferes with the healing process and can lead to complications (ACS 2014). This is why anesthesiologists and surgeons at some of the leading hospitals in the U.S. have adopted the Smokerlyzer® to screen smokers pre and post surgery, and use it refer them to counseling for tobacco treatment.

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Pharmacists and technicians are uniquely positioned to engage with smokers more often than most other healthcare providers, which is probably why this is another quickly growing segment for the Smokerlyzer®. Pharmacies can offer smokers a brief test on the Smokerlyzer® and then educate them on the many quit smoking options, including pharmacotherapies available in the pharmacy, to help them get started on their journey to stop smoking.

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Dentists and hygienists are uniquely positioned to educate smokers on the dangers of smoking as it relates to oral health. Because the Smokerlyzer® provides biofeedback directly linked to the negative effects smoking causes to the patients health, interventions with the Smokerlyzer® can be much more impactful than simply citing the dangers of smoking.

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Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians and their staff are uniquely positioned to counsel smokers in a meaningful way, and patients rely on their advice. Smokers under their care can be offered a Smokerlyzer® test during office visits as a powerful demonstration of biofeedback. Physicians can then refer patients to tobacco treatment counseling or to the appropriate medications to assist in the stop smoking process(Ask, Advice, Refer). With an average reimbursement of $29.03 per test, breath CO testing using our Smokerlyzer® monitor can become a great revenue source for your practice while also helping your patients.

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Wellness Programs

Smoking poses enormous health and non-health-related costs to the affected individuals, employers and the society at large. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), tobacco use is just one factor that impacts the cost of health insurance, often raising premiums for tobacco users. The Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitors offer benefits administrators a low cost, effective way to screen their employees for smoking so that they can determine health insurance premiums. The Smokerlyzer® can also be an important tool in employer sponsored tobacco treatment programs, providing motivational biofeedback for smokers.

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