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Smokerlyzer SymbolThe coVita |  Bedfont Smokerlyzer® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors, analyzers, and testers is used during smoking cessation programs to give the smoker visible proof of the damaging CO levels and to help motivate by charting the progress during the program. All the Smokerlyzer® CO monitors are surgically non-invasive, lightweight, battery powered, simple to operate and use hygienic, inexpensive disposable mouthpieces.

piCO+™ Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide monitor

piCO+ Breath CO MonitorpiCO+ Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor

Low cost and visually motivational, the piCO+™ CO monitor is a leader in a new generation of breath CO monitors. The CO monitor has user profiles for adult smokers, young smokers and pregnant women, as well the ability to easily create custom profiles when used alongside the COdata+ PC software, making it a favorite with group smoking cessation clinics.

The piCO+™ CO monitor can also be used along side the MaternityCO™ Chart to illustrate the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant and the effects that first and second hand smoke can have on an unborn baby.

Micro+ Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide monitor

Micro+ Breath CO MonitorMicro+ Smokerlyzer CO Monitor

 The Micro+ Smokerlyzer® CO monitor has long been regarded as the benchmark for breath CO monitors having been used in clinical trials and research programs for many years.
Bedfont has now developed the Micro+ CO monitor, with the ability to analyze breath samples from adults and adolescents.  The Micro+ is the most comprehensive CO monitor available.

iCO™ Smartphone Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide personal tester

iCO Personal Smartphone Smokerlyzer

iCO Smokerlyzer - Personal Smartphone Smokerlyzer



The iCO™ smart phone Smokerlyzer breath carbon monoxide tester is the world's first commercially available breath CO monitor that connects to smart phones or tablets.
Patent Pending.


COmpact™USB Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide tester

COmpact USB


COmpact USB


COmpact™USB breath CO tester is the next generation of the popular COmpact™ Smokerlyzer®.  Like the COmpact, it is small, economical and easy to use, plus it features the ability for connection to a PC via a USB table for increased presentation and interaction.

babyCOmpact™ Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide tester

babyCOmpact Breath CO TesterbabyCOmpact

The babyCOmpact™ is a small, affordable, limited purpose CO tester that can be used as part of your everyday screening at all antenatal appointments.

Displaying the damaging CO levels within the mother's blood can create the opportunity for discussing whether she would like to quit smoking, or requires extra help.

lunglife™ Spirometer®
lung age monitor

LungLife Spirometer






The LungLife™ is a spirometer that calculates the patient's lung age, making it an excellent motivational stop-smoking tool, alerting smokers to the physical damage caused by their habit.

The  LungLife™ can also be used to affordably screen for airway inflammation such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

COmpact™ Smokerlyzer®
(CO) carbon monoxide tester

COmpact Breath CO MonitorCOmpact

**RETIRED**  The COmpact™ Smokerlyzer breath carbon monoxide tester is a small, affordable, limited purpose tester originally designed for the consumer market.


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