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Located in Santa Barbara, CA

Our story.

coVita was formed with the idea that there is a different and better way to design products to de-tect, diagnose, and manage, various health conditions, ailments, and dependencies. Together with our partner Bedfont Scientific Ltd, we are continuing to expand into the new frontier of breath analysis medical testing and diagnostics with our slogan, “breath analysis is the new blood test.”

Our vision.

To provide you, our clients, with the best customer ser-vice and tools, so that you can do your job as easily, effectively and accurately as possible.

Provide breath analysis devices and services that assist in the pursuit of bet-ter quality of life and health care.

Continue to innovate with our existing product lines and develop new market disrupting products and accessories.



coVita’s main headquarters is located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Beyond being known for its beauty, Santa Barbara has emerged into tech company haven with nick names like “Techtopia” and “Silicon Beach”. Santa Barbara, or “Saint Barbara” in Spanish, is the county seat of Santa Barbara County in the state of Califor-nia. The city is uniquely situated, between the precipitously rising Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, on the largest south-facing section of coastline on the west coast of the Unit-ed States. Santa Barbara’s climate is often com-pared to that of the Mediterranean, and as such is often called “The American Riviera.”

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Bedfont Scientific’s main headquarters is in the United Kingdom in the picturesque village of Har-rietsham, located in the Kent, referred to as the garden of England. This area is known as the “Gateway to Europe,” which makes Bedfont close to all major modes of transportation for our network of partners across the world.

Our Team.

Cartoon team

40 years logo ready for printingcoVita is comprised of a team of individuals that bring a combined 40+ years of experience with breath analysis products. In addi-tion, the coVita team brings expertise from a variety of different backgrounds including medical sales and marketing, healthcare, finance and business admin-istration. This combination of experience has al-lowed us to create a truly unique product services company with a client service experience like no oth-er. coVita’s skilled team of product specialists have provided comprehensive training and support for thousands of professionals from a variety of organi-zations in the public and private sectors on the use of these devices. coVita’s shipping and logistic team have an impressive reputation and an established history of managing the delivery of products and ser-vices to a U.S.A. and rest of world. We have unpar-alleled focus on excellence – we have the quiet con-fidence to continue that mission uninterrupted.


Products. Our innovative products are changing lives and impacting people every day:


Smokerlyzer® Breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors

The Smokerlyzers® are used by treatment professionals to help smokers stop smok-ing as well as in tobacco prevention edu-cation to help teach young people about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, hook-ahs and other forms of combustible tobac-co and related substances like Marijuana. In addition, our Smokerlyzer® line has been the gold standard in clinical research related to tobacco, pharmacotherapy, be-havioral health and the surging research into (e-cigarettes/vaping). Our latest inno-vation the iCO™ is a consumer wellness device to help smokers quit smoking.


ToxCO® Breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors

The ToxCO® monitors are used by hospital emergency departments, fire, paramedic, EMS services, and the mining industry to determine CO poisoning.

Gaso H2 CH4

Gastrolyzer® Breath Hydrogen (H2) & Methane (CH4) Monitors

The Gastrolyzers® provide a non-invasive method to help gastroenter-ologists, dietitians and nutritional professionals diagnose and manage gastrointestinal (GI) & nutritional


1987 princess diana smokerlyzer 1

For over 40 years our products have been used by a wide range of people, from the average consumer to celebrities like Princess Diana. Additionally, our products have been featured on many television shows and news programs. Our products are the most often cited brand out of any manufacturer for research and investigative works. 

30 years of smokerlyzer logo ready for printing

  • 1986
  • 1996
  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2020
  • Mini® Smokerlyzer®

    A portable clinical tool for smoking cessation is born.

  • Mini® 2 Smokerlyzer®

    Revised version with friendly user interface and now trade mark blue color. Introduced motivational traffic light indicators which revolutionized the monitors and making them an indispensable for clinicians.

  • Micro & piCO-lo Smokerlyzer®

    First handheld monitors with adjustable mouthpiece position allow the patient to observe the screen while performing the test.  These features further changes the monitors from just a clinical tool to a motivational tool for the patient. Also added serial to audio connection to enable connections to personal computers.

  • Freedom COmpact Smokerlyzer®

    First consumer product—pocket sized with included 3 Step Guide to stop smoking.

  • Micro + & piCO+ Smokerlyzer®

    Cutting edge molding, LCD display, and sounders for high levels of motivation.  Included support for mini-USB for connecting to PCs.  Also introduced fetal conversions on monitors to aide in pregnant smoker motivations.

  • COmpact & babyCOmpact Smokerlyzer®

    Low cost disposable devices designed for brief interventions. Monitors displayed readings in traffic light ranges only.

  • COmpact USB Smokerlyzer®

    First monitor to allow users to download readings remotely to their health professional using smart devices that support USB.

  • iCO Smokerlyzer®

    World’s first Smokerlyzer® for use with your smartphone or tablet.  Leads the category of M-health and remote screenings at home or on the go.

  • Micro + & pro, baby, basic Smokerlyzer®

    All new family of devices with our most advanced features to date.

  • iCOquit® Smokerlyzer®

    Personal Bluetooth® Smokerlyzer®

Our culture.

How we “c.c.e.e.” things.

C Light Blue


– At coVita our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority. We believe in providing the same level of service before, during and after your purchase. 

C Orange


– We are all consumers, so we encourage our team to always ask themselves, how would they like to be treated and what would they would expect during every client interaction. This thought process ensures we are providing common sense thinking and striving to achieve the best client experience.

E Purple


– We view every coVita team member as family. We value each and every member at coVita and believe that we are only as strong as our weakest coVita family member. We strongly believe in empowering our members in many ways including providing flexible working conditions and promoting from within.

E Pink


– At coVita do everything that we can to be energy efficient and protect the environment. That means that we only use the latest energy saving hardware in the office, recycle, include earth friendly components in products when available and ship products using the most earth friendly materials possible.
So you can ” c.c.e.e.” (clients, consumers, employees, and the environment) are priorities in how we make daily business decisions. That’s how we “c.c.e.e” things.

Join us.

We are always looking for talent. If you have an intense attention to detail, focus driven, team spirited, and have a positive attitude, please submit your resume below.

Join team

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Client Reviews.

Thank you so much for putting together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued.

I have found the coVita website very helpful. My staff loves the Smokerlyzer® CO monitor for use with our cessation services

I’ve called coVita twice…once for a question about supplies and another time when calibration of the device was needed. Both times the customer services was excellent!

We use the coVita products. We’ve had the same experience as Denise – very easy to use, very easy to calibrate. Very good custom-er service.

We also use the coVita monitors. They are very easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend.

Thank you for following up. We are very pleased with the Gastrolyzer® products and they are working well. The info on the website is also helpful.

We greatly appreciate your organization and the relationship we have established.

I really appreciate your follow up. It is hard to get things done sometimes, so am glad to know there is someone we can go to if there are problems or if we have issues.

Thank you Rose, coVita’s customer services is outstanding! We appreciate the reminders and support.

Thank you for checking in and providing this information. I LOVE using the Smokerlyzer® and it makes all the difference in the world!

I am emailing you to let you know how amazing the Smokerlyzer® has been in my educational programs. It has traveled to numer-ous locations across the USA and has been a wonderful Aide in helping the public understand why it is important to stop smoking

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I looked at your website and was very impressed by the training/education and other sup-port resources available.

Thank you for such terrific customer service!

Everything is going great with our Gastrolyzer®. It’s a wonderful addition to our practice. Thank you for your care.

You are definitely the industry leader and I always speak of the outstanding quality and technical assistance your team at coVita provides.

Many thanks for reaching out and for the great resources. Yes we are very happy with the products we recently ordered. We really appreciate the wonderful service and ongoing customer support your team provides.

Your website, customer service and info reminds me of Apple. GREAT JOB!

Hello, I just wanted to let you all know the service I received today from coVita was excellent. If only there were more organiza-tions like coVita in this world we live in. Your representatives are very patient, informative, professional, and most of all pleasant. Just want you all to know to keep up the great work and what you do is pure excellence. THANK YOU!

Latest News.


The much-anticipated breath monitor is cleared by the FDA for use by healthcare profes-sionals to determine levels of CO poisoning. The device is unique in that it has three sampling modes available; a direct sampling mode, a face mask sampling mode, which can be used on unconscious patients, and an ambient mode to monitor dangerous levels of CO in the environ-ment around you. Another benefit to healthcare profes-sionals in the field is that the device auto records and date/time stamps the last 1,000 readings for accountability purposes.


Coming soon the all new iCO™ Bluetooth Smokerlyzer®


The all new family of Smokerlyzers® – Micro+™ pro, baby and basic breath CO monitors are now available. Even more features at the same prices and all the quality, reliability and 5 year warranties you’ve come to expect.


The all new family of Gastrolyzers® – GastroCHECK® breath CH4 and H2 monitors and Gastro+™ breath H2 moni-tors are now available. Even more features at the same prices and all the quality, reliability and 2 year warranties you’ve come to expect.
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Breath analysis is the new blood test