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Fire Departments

Fire Departments- Firefighters face an outsized risk of exposure to CO because of the work that they do. The ToxCO®️ monitor is designed to help determine CO poisoning in firefighters during firefighter rehab programs so that they can meet the requirements of NFPA 1584 – ( Members exposed to fire smoke shall be assessed for carbon monoxide (CO). The ToxCO®️ is FDA cleared to be used by healthcare professionals including ED personnel, EMT’s and paramedics to aid in the diagnosis of CO poisoning.

ToxCO®️ Monitor
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Healthcare professionals such as EMT’s are in a unique position to identify cases of CO poisoning that might never get diagnosed. The ToxCO®️ breath CO monitor allows them to accurately and instantly evaluate individuals, and groups, on the scene of an incident and make treatment and transport decisions that might otherwise get missed.

ToxCO®️ Monitor
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Emergency Departments/Emergency Rooms

Healthcare professionals in emergency settings rely on triage tools to help them make quick treatment decisions every day. The ToxCO®️ allows these professionals to quickly and accurately make a determination of CO poisoning on individuals with undetermined signs and symptoms. Breath CO testing is not regulated by C.L.I.A. making the ToxCO®️ a great point of care test.

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Primary Care Physicians

There is a belief among healthcare professionals that many individuals suffer from undiagnosed chronic low level CO poisoning. Challenging to diagnose without a blood test, primary care physicians and their staff can utilize the ToxCO®️ to quickly, conveniently, and non-invasively test patients in seconds to determine levels of CO in their patient’s bodies.

ToxCO®️ Monitor
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Before the ToxCO®️ monitor, the only way to study CO poisoning with a clinically accurate tool was to analyze a blood sample. Now, healthcare researchers can utilize the FDA cleared ToxCO®️ breath CO monitor to determine CO poisoning in individuals.

ToxCO®️ Monitor
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Breath analysis is the new blood test