50 ppm Carbon Monoxide


Item #: CO-CALIB-34-50
 or CO-CAN-34-50
Includes: Calibration Kit or Replacement Can

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Product Bedfont Scientific 50ppm Carbon Monoxide Calibration Kit  or  Replacement Calibration Can
Item CO-CALIB-34-50  or  CO-CAN-34-50
Includes Choice of: 
●  (1) Calibration Kit: Calibration Can, Regulator, Cali-adaptor Tubing
●  (1) Replacement Calibration Can
Compatible With Current Breath CO Monitors:
●  ToxCO Breath CO Monitor

Retired Smokerlyzer CO Monitors:
  Gray Monitor:  Micro+
●  Turquoise Monitors: piCO, piCO-lo
●  Black Monitors: Micro I, II, III, IV
Features and Benefits ●  Regulator offers ease of use with fixed flow technology – no fine tuning.
●  Calibration is performed at your location.
●  Anyone can calibrate.
●  Calibration is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.
●  coVita | Bedfont’s smart monitors feature automatic calibration reminders.
●  coVita | Bedfont’s monitors are the easiest monitors to calibrate in the industry with  patented SimpleCal technology, the monitor performs most of the calibration steps automatically and walks you through the simple process.
Routine Maintenance Calibrate monitors per your monitors’ manuals or when prompted by the monitor. See support section of our website for instructions.
Support coVita Free Lifetime Telephone Support & Training*


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 in
50ppm CO Option

Calibration Kit, Can Only